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What’s So Bad About Greed?

It’s one of the seven so-called deadly sins… Greed. If there ever was an evil incarnate on this earth, greed would be it.

I’m an atheist, folks, so you’ll not be hearing much “God says” or “the Bible says” in my articles. I don’t believe in good or evil either. They are just agreed upon limits from which a society’s mores evolve. Greed is an exception, though. Greed is probably the driving force behind much that is wrong currently in our little world. If it isn’t religion killing thousands, it’s probably some greedy bastard(s) instead.

Whether it be greed for material things (gold) or greed for power (control), the individual under the influence of that greed can never be a benefit to those around him or to the world he lives it. Greed destroys in its headlong rush to gain that for which it lusts. True greed respects no societal mores, no individual feelings, no humane beliefs. It’s a wild beast salivating over the prospect of a bloody meal.

Don’t mistake me here. I’m not saying that achievement is wrong or that having a nice Mercedes Benz automobile is wrong. I’m saying that if you are driven to steam roll over everything and everyone in your path to own nine Mercedes Benz automobiles, then there might be a problem.

It’s nice to have nice things. Everyone likes nice things… a new car, a soft bed, a good meal. Comfort is a natural goal for humans. We seek comfort and security and avoid pain. All animals do the same. When you find yourself unable to stop once you’ve gained what you needed, then you may have a problem. If your goal was to be rich enough to buy the 80′ yacht, why did you pass it up to acquire the 160′ one?

Greed is a sickness, I believe. It’s a taint smeared on young minds by ad executives and Wall Street moguls. More is better, they tell you. We hear it from birth, practically. We are instilled by our parents to achieve goals that overshadow the ones they achieved. It’s almost a form of vicariousness. Our parents didn’t quite achieve what they wanted in life, so that crack the whip on us to get out there and do it… become that doctor or that lawyer that dad wish’d he’d been. Instilling ambition and goal-seeking in your children is a good thing, but not when you’re pushing them into something you wanted but never achieved.

Greed is inherited, I think. The old money in this world instill in their progeny the same greed that obtained them their wealth. The greedy inclination in the children of the mega-rich pushes them to increase the family wealth, then their own children come along and the chain continues. It seems as though greed perpetuates greed almost as much as poverty and despair perpetuate themselves in this world.

I have nothing against the rich. I do not subscribe to that “redistribute the wealth” BS. I’m not a socialist. I’m just trying to say here that if a 5000 square foot home in a nice neighborhood is enough for you and your wife, then why are you building that 20 room mansion on the lake? You’re just going to rattle around in it. Stop trying to impress others and do what you want to do to make yourselves happy. Live for yourself, not for the folks who read the society page of the newspaper. Your goal in life should be to seek contentment, but not be a detriment to others along the way.

Greed is NOT good. A little less greed in this world would make it a much nicer place in which to live. We’ll work on the religious fanatics another time.

Until next time, folks…