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Russia to Use Linux Operating System

You know, I would think the Russians would have gone this route a long while back. I wonder what’s taken them so long.

I received my SlashDot email newsletter this morning which alerted me to this blog post regarding a Russian news story claiming that Vlad “Manly Man” Putin, that stud muffin of Russian politics, is ordering the mother land to make the switch to the Linux operating system. Now, is that cool or what? Go for it, comrades!

I’ll sleep better at night knowing the Russian nuclear arsenal isn’t being monitored/controlled using MS Windows. The thought of that gives all new meaning to “blue screen of death”, huh? At least with Linux, we can be assured that nuclear holocaust will be caused by a human error and not a “patch Tuesday” error.

Hmm… I wonder what distribution they’ll be running? Maybe REDhat? Better dead than MS* HA! I kill me.



*Just kidding. I use and have liked Microsoft products for years. I just don’t use them that much anymore. :wink