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Breaking Tech News – Novell Agrees to Takeover Bid

Attachmate, an investment group led by Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital and Thoma Bravo, has acquired Novell for $2.2 billon.

According to Novell’s press release, Attachmate bought Novell for $6.10 a share. There’s also this:

Novell also announced it has entered into a definitive agreement for the concurrent sale of certain intellectual property assets to CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of technology companies organized by Microsoft Corporation, for $450 million in cash…

Hmm… what effect, if any, is that going to have on Linux folks; specifically SuSE and OpenSuSE users. I wonder.

In a related article at The Register, Tim Morgan writes:

Jeff Hawn, Attachmate’s CEO and chairman, said that it would operate Novell as two business units: one for the SUSE Linux stack and another for all of the other Novell bits.

So SuSE will be run as a separate business entity. OK. Interesting.

Can’t help but wonder what those intellectual properties acquired by the MS-controlled consortium included.

This could get interesting, folks. Stay tuned.