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Mandbuntu 11.0 – Duck à l’orange

On the heels of the recent news that Mandriva is up for sale comes a whisper of a rumor from an insider source at a large Linux software company.

Unsubstantiated rumor from a reliable source (Canonical’s Assistant Night Custodian, Ross Foss) names Canonical as the new owner of the French company Mandriva, S.A. The source goes on to say that Canonical’s founder and benevolent-leader-for-life, Mark Shuttleworth has already ported a combination Ubuntu-Mandriva distribution to be offered in next few weeks. Reportedly, the name of the new mutant distribution will be Mandbuntu 11.0 – Duck à l’orange.

Insider sources also reveal that Mandbuntu will have a hybrid package management system known as urp-get. It’s a combination of apt and urpmi. It’s supposedly one of the most innovative new changes in this new distribution. It will follow the apt-get format for installing and updating from the command line. The GUI frontend is known as Ducknaptic, and can be found in the main menu.

Mandbuntu will initially ship with only one desktop environment/windows manager, the newly reconfigured (just for Mandbuntu) DuXfce. Rumor again informs us that a KDuxE version will be available soon. More rumors from lower level custodial crew claim that the French duck dish theme will continue. The next version will probably be Mandbuntu 12.0 – Peking Duck.

The future is looking just ducky! Stay tuned…


Note: The above is for laughs, folks… in case you didn’t realize that. There is no truth to any of the above article. Ross Foss is a fictional custodian.

KDE4… Pretty? Pretty Ugly? Just Plain Ugly?

In 2008, KDE developers released the much awaited total rework of the K Desktop Experience… version 4.

It didn’t start showing up in the mainline Linux distros’ repos until a few months later with version 4.2. My first experience with it was with my install of Slackware 13 x86_64 back in mid-’09. It was an ugly first experience. I had continual issues with instability and random desktop errors using 4.2.

Having been a KDE fan for quite a few years already, I was sorely disappointed, to say the least. It was just not usable on my system. Slackware is my primary operating system, folks. I couldn’t continue like that. I ended up nuking the KDE completely and running Slackware with Xfce. I never looked back. I was an Xfce fan already, anyway. I used it in my Zenwalk Linux installation.

A while later, after reading a few better reviews regarding KDE 4.3, I decided to install it in a new Mandriva Free installation that I was putting on my system a few weeks back. Hmm… I did notice some improvement, but the same ol’ instability bugs started jumping up again. I ended up trashing the KDE in Mandriva and using LXDE/Openbox. Sad.

I saw this article at Linux Journal today and thought I’d post a bit about my own KDE experiences. Well, now I have… and now you know why I’ve had to exorcise this demon from all my installations.

Until next time, folks…