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I Love Thunderbird 3.x

Wow! What a difference 24 hours makes, huh?

See yesterday’s article HERE to read the back history of all this.

I did it! I did it! I got T-bird 3.x set up and working in my Slack64 13.0 installation. I was even able to get Lightning to work! YAY! What happened between yesterday and today? Well, I was snooping around the Mozilla Calendar Project website, reading the blog and the release notes, etc. At the very bottom of Lightning’s Release Notes page, I found THIS link to a server with a 1.0b2 x86_64 Lightning version! COOL, huh? I’d swear that link wasn’t there yesterday.

Anyway, this version of Lightning works like a champ. I did have to modify the install.rdf to allow for a minimum version of TB 3.0, because that’s the version in my Slackware repos right now. I’m happy now! I use Lightning to plan my life. I would have been seriously disappointed if I couldn’t have gotten it to work eventually. I pretty much got T-bird 3 to behave the way I wanted it to, also. I think I’ll be able to get used to it. It’s a bit different from T-bird 2, but not that much. Check out figure 1 for a screenie of my T-bird 3 on Slackware.

Figure 1

Click for bigger pic

Well, that’s all the news that’s fit to print, folks. I’m off to go watch Criminal Minds from my recliner and do some stuff on my laptop.



I Hate Thunderbird 3.x

I knew I’d regret it when I started it. I just knew it.

Since the Slack 13.0 repos were updated to the newer T-bird 3.x recently, I thought it was about time that I gave it another go. I say “another” because I already tried it out on my laptop, which has Slack 13.1 installed on it. It was not a fun experience then or now. Many of my favorite extensions in 2.x don’t work or break altogether in 3.x. It SUCKS!

I managed to modify a few of the older extensions to get them to work in 3.x. I even managed to get my most important extension working… Lightning. Of course, I had to use an older version because the current 1.0b2 is only available for x86. The older version of Lightning (1.0b1) has an x86_64 version, though. Sadly, I could not get it to work properly. It would not import or even see my backed-up calendar data from my older Lightning.

Sad… very sad. I have a lot of data on that older Lightning calendar. If the Lightning folks can’t come up with a decent x86_64 release candidate for their extension, I’m screwed. I’ll have to start all over with some other calendar/personal mgr. app or I’ll just have to stick with good old T-bird 2.x for a while longer.

I guess I could just install MS Win 7 and use Windows Mail, huh? Yeah… I’m just kidding about that one.