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Today’s Featured Distribution – Ark Linux

As you can see from the Linux Family Tree, Ark Linux is a main branch distribution (with a little inbreeding from cousin Redhat) that’s been around since 2003.

I ran Ark as an experimental on my system a couple times in the past few years. I was always impressed with it. It’s simple. It’s not bloated or overloaded with fluff. It’s a working man’s (or woman’s) Linux. For those of you concerned about these things, Ark is a 100% FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) distribution.

The Ark Linux team is a small group of dedicated souls working to keep the distribution viable and as pure to their goals as possible. I’ve noticed that there have been inconsistencies with updates and upgrades over the past year or so. There is still an active presence, so I know Ark is alive and well. It’s just that I’ve become used to some of the more “commercial” distributions that update and upgrade every time their lead devs change underwear. Ark’s foundation is solid. They may not need to do as the others do in this regard.

You can download current and older versions of Ark from Oregon State University’s server (osuosl.org). The information you need to download is on Ark’s download page.

You’ll find Ark familiar and easy to use. It comes with KDE as the default desktop environment. It uses the familiar RPM and Apt as package managers. Most of your favorite Linux apps and tools will run fine on Ark. Their repos have the standard fare found in most distro’s repos.

Give Ark Linux a try, folks. You might find something here you really like. I did.

Until next time… learn something, and have FUN doing it!


Jack Wallen Likes Gnome 3

I’m not so sure I do.

I ain’t no young whipper-snapper geek here, kids. Us older folks don’t like change. Wallen thinks we need to be getting away from the Win 95 taskbar/icons/Start button paradigm. I don’t. Old farts like me have a saying… “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Wallen contends that the model is broken, though.

Oh of course there will be those that say, “If it isn’t broke…” Well, I am one of those who will first claim that it is, in fact, “broke.” The current desktop that most everyone uses is klunky, kludgy, and ugly. It’s a task bar, and menus, and icons, and blah blah blah…

For the entire article at Tech Republic –> clicky.

Klunky? Kludgy? C’mon… how can anyone say that about my beautiful Slack/Xfce desktop?

Aieee! KDE 3.5 wasn’t broke either. Now KDE 4 is borked <– play on spelling. Cute, huh?

Hey! There’s no Gnome Menu on the panel. There aren’t any app icons on the panel. I can’t find my Nautilus. ARRRRRGH! It looks like a friggin’ iPad. Oh my! I guess this old geek is just going to have to get used to all this new-fangled progress stuff.

Ah… whatever happened to the good old days of Slackware 9.0 with Lynx in the CLI?

I’m outta’ here…


KDE4… Pretty? Pretty Ugly? Just Plain Ugly?

In 2008, KDE developers released the much awaited total rework of the K Desktop Experience… version 4.

It didn’t start showing up in the mainline Linux distros’ repos until a few months later with version 4.2. My first experience with it was with my install of Slackware 13 x86_64 back in mid-’09. It was an ugly first experience. I had continual issues with instability and random desktop errors using 4.2.

Having been a KDE fan for quite a few years already, I was sorely disappointed, to say the least. It was just not usable on my system. Slackware is my primary operating system, folks. I couldn’t continue like that. I ended up nuking the KDE completely and running Slackware with Xfce. I never looked back. I was an Xfce fan already, anyway. I used it in my Zenwalk Linux installation.

A while later, after reading a few better reviews regarding KDE 4.3, I decided to install it in a new Mandriva Free installation that I was putting on my system a few weeks back. Hmm… I did notice some improvement, but the same ol’ instability bugs started jumping up again. I ended up trashing the KDE in Mandriva and using LXDE/Openbox. Sad.

I saw this article at Linux Journal today and thought I’d post a bit about my own KDE experiences. Well, now I have… and now you know why I’ve had to exorcise this demon from all my installations.

Until next time, folks…