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Technology Aiding and Abetting Hatred?

Back in the good ol’ days, hatred was pretty much a local phenomenon. It was cellular in nature. It started out in families and grew to communities.

Nowadays, though, hatred has to potential to be world wide within seconds of being spewed forth from someone’s mind. Sure, men have hated and hacked each other to pieces for thousands years already. However, that was on a smaller scale and usually took much more time back then than it does now to accomplish.

In the modern world, it’s much easier for some megalomaniac with a small penis, who happens to be the glorious leader of half a billion starving and oppressed people, to press a button or two and obliterate 250,000 of his most hated enemies. A couple thousand years ago, even the massive Roman Legions would have taken quite a bit more time and effort to achieve the same outcome.

So, what’s changed about the spread of hatred? Well, hatred is a very local thing for starters. It begins in one’s heart. It then spreads to one’s family and friends; eventually engulfing the community. Hatred began its rise to today’s level with the advent of better transportation; and then later on, improved long distance communication. With today’s instantaneous, very cheap world wide communication, hatred is having a field day.

What does this mean? Bluntly put, it means that the asshole who spread his vitriolic political, religious, or racial views to his local community in the days of yore can now spread that acid around the world in a matter of seconds. The racial joke spread between family and friends now becomes the mass email that hits 10,000 inboxes in a day. Or said asshole may choose to have his own hateful website where all the whack jobs can congregate and fulminate.

Hate is spread like a virus. It’s highly infectious. The only safeguard against it is education. The more ignorant one is, the more likely they are to hate. Sadly, their ignorance does not keep them from using technology to spread hatred further. That hatred results in little nine year old girls being shot to death by misguided, mentally unstable youths.

Is technology an aid to the spread of hatred. Damned right it is. However, it can also be an aid to education, health, joy, happiness, kindness, friendship, love, etc. As with most things, it’s not exclusively bad or good. Technology is like any tool that mankind has at his disposal. It can be use to help or harm. We need to learn to utilize our tools in more positive ways. I don’t foresee an end to hate. I just wish it would take some time off.



Image credits: No Hate – courtesy of Miami (of Ohio) University No Hate Initiative

“…Who are you better than?” by Jinx

I have been getting more and more disgusted with the behavior of some of “my fellow Americans” over the past year or so. The bile and hatred spewed forth by previously mild mannered grandmas and quiet every day Joes and Janes is just amazing to me.

One of the members at my Out of the Woods board posted a link to the following post that I’m going to tease-quote here in a minute. Beware! It has some harsh and non-G-rated language in it. It should be read, anyway. The poster, Jinx, is trying to explain why there has been this increase in hatred and even violence of late. It’s an enlightened post, in my opinion. I wish I had written it. Read it. Tell me what you think about it.

Originally posted at the Adventure Rider forums.

“…who are you better than?”



“You know when I was a little boy, there was an old negro farmer that lived down the road from us, named Monroe. He was … (subtle laugh), I guess he was just a little more luckier than my daddy was. He bought himself a mule.”

“It was a big deal in round that town. Now my daddy hated that mule. Cause, his friends were always kidding him about, ‘They say Monroe out plowing with his new mule and Monroe is going to rent another field now he had a mule.'”

“One morning that mule showed up dead. They poisoned the water. After that, there wasn’t any mention about that mule around my daddy. It just never came up. One time we were driving down that road and we passed Monroe’s place and we saw it was empty. He just packed up and left, I guess, he must of went up north or something.”

“I looked over at my daddy’s face, I knew he done it. He saw that I knew. He was ashamed. I guess he was ashamed. He looked at me and said, ‘If you ain’t better than a nigger son, who are you better than?'” – Agent Anderson, Mississippi Burning


And welcome to the Tea-hadist mindset. With Barack Obama in charge…who are you going to be better than?

And don’t think some of us recognize the symptom because we are a pack of condescending know-it-all asshats. We are…but that has fuck-all to do with the observation.

It’s just that we have seen this before. Up North…in our so-called “enlightened” neck of the woods.

Want to know the difference between North and South? Well, a man once told me that up North, it is OK to have a Black as your boss, but you will be damned if you will have one for a neighbor. Down South, it is OK to have a Black neighbor…but you will damned if you will have one as a boss.

So we went through all this Tea Party nonsense up North, about 35-45 years ago. And the reaction was just as vehement, inarticulate, and dumb as what is being spewed now. If you want to see hate and spittle, you should have seen how South Boston reacted to school integration.

But you would not have seen it 24/7 as you do today. It happened…but not in a perpetual echo chamber. And thank Christ for that.

Please follow this link to read the rest of this interesting and though-provoking post at the Adventure Rider forums.

Hate brought us The Inquisition. Hate brought us Nazi Germany. Hate brought us Uncle Joe Stalin and the 20 million he sent to oblivion. Hate currently drives misguided people to put high explosives in their Fruit-of-the-Looms in order to blow up jet liners full of innocent people. Don’t hate. Life’s too damned short to be spending it hating one another.

Rock on!