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How Many Garbage Trucks Does It Take…

…to pick up your garbage. If you live in my neighborhood, it takes four; along with a crew of about 6-8 workers.

Doesn’t it sometimes seem to you that governments, big and small, just seem to do really stupid crap? This garbage pickup thing is a great example of that. I was sitting at my uncle’s house today for the Wednesday coffee clatch with the aunts and uncles and this very topic came up in conversation. It’s absolutely asinine that garbage pickup on my street requires four distinct type trucks with their accompanying crews. Here’s why…

There are four different types of refuse, according to the city. There is standard household garbage that is deposited in the big automated garbage cans, which are picked up by a truck with one crew member that picks up ONLY these type cans. The senior employees must get this cush gig. They sit in AC comfort and rarely ever get out of the truck.

The second type of refuse is standard household garbage that people put on the curbside in bags or non-automated type cans. A completely different type truck with a crew of two or three has to come and pick this type of garbage up. It’s “old style”. These are the guys who manually dump your can and then toss it in the middle of the street and drive off. These are the lowest paid employees, probably. They actually work.

The third type refuse is the yard debris. That means chopped branches, bags of leaves or grass… that kind of stuff. A third unique truck and crew of two or three are required for this type refuse. They pull up and toss all your yard debris in the back opening of the truck and then yell, “Wamback! Wamback!” It’s some garbage man code, evidently. These guys work, but they don’t have to deal with nasty household garbage like used diapers and stuff.

And lastly, there are the recyclables, which are put curbside in small blue bins. The homeowner is expected to separate the paper, plastic, glass, etc. A fourth “special” recyclables truck with a crew of one picks this stuff up. He actually has to get out of his truck to do this. After dumping all your nicely separated bins into the SAME opening on the side of his truck, he slings your bins into the middle of the street and drives off leaving a cloud of noxious diesel exhaust.

This past Monday, there were all four types of refuse curbside on my street. I watched as all four of these different and unique-to-their-purpose trucks and crews came down the street and performed their assigned tasks. I thought to myself, “What a monumental f***ing waste of money!” How did this come to be like this? Well, it’s simple… follow the money. That’s all you have to do to find the answers to any questions concerning government. Some city muckity-mucks sent their kids to law school on the kickbacks and bribes they got to institute a cluster-screw like this one I’ve described.

Myeh… whaddya’ gonna’ do? I do my part to save the tax payer money. I just shove all four types of refuse into that one big automated can and let that lone, highly paid garbage dude (or dudette sometimes) take it all at once. Woo-hoo! I sleep better at night knowing I did my part.

Wamback, folks!