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Hello dear readers…

You seem to have found my archived Nocturnal Slacker blog which was originally hosted by Chris Pirillo at his LockerGnome website. When this blog closed down, Chris provided me with an archive file containing all the posts that I had made while active as a blogger on his network. I have just now imported that archive to this newly hosted WordPress.com blog site.

I have received many… OK, a few requests from some… actually, two of my old readers to revive this blog so that folks could once again read the entertaining and highly insightful… well, maybe just slightly witty and somewhat informative articles that I had written back then. So, that’s how this stuff got here today. Feel free to peruse to your heart’s content.

You will not be seeing new postings on this blog. It is an archive only. For my newer content and more recent rantings, check out my active blogs: Nocturnal Slacker v1.0 (Technical), Nocturnal Slacker v2.0 (General Topic), and Tuppence Times (Tumblr).

Thanks for stoppin’ by…


P.S. Please note that many links are broken and images missing from these old posts, but the entertaining and highly insightful 😉 articles are all still there.