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Today’s Featured Linux Website

There’s a site that I’ve been visiting for quite a few years. It’s filled with interesting blogs, tutorials, and links to other sites with great Linux related info.

It’s called TuxMachines.org. srlinuxx keeps things organized and running smoothly over there. Sure, there are bunches of great Linux sites online these days, but this one is pretty cool. It’s a one stop shopping experience. You can learn a lot in just one visit. Check out the forums, read a few member blogs, learn how to do something from a tutorial. It’s all there. Oh, and don’t forget to create an account. It’s good to belong.

Here’s are some latest news blurbs from TuxMachines.org:

Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Linux distribution. I just finished whining about Slackware and Debian not being on the list.

Take it from me, folks, it’s a great site and another wonderful Linux resource that you can stick in your Bookmarks. Stop by and read there often. It won’t hurt you to learn a thing or two. Oh, and if you do feel that TuxMachines.org was helpful to you in any way, don’t hesitate to maybe slip a buck or two into their tip jar. Nowadays, every little bit helps and is appreciated.

That’s it for today, folks. Stay warm!



Image credits: toothy emoticon courtesy of Drienerlo football club at University of Twente  РEnschede, Netherlands

Linux.com – Your Linux Community Resource

Looking for friendly assistance? Looking for new friends with similar interests? Looking for a large Linux information resource?

C’mon over to Linux.com for a visit. Click on that Linux Community link on that bar running across the top of the main page to start the fun (see Fig. 1)

Figure 1 – Linux Community at Linux.com

Back in ’08-’09, the Linux Foundation was brainstorming on their beta website for Linux.com. Many Foundation members worked long hours and volunteered their ideas and their labors to create the new Linux.com site that was finally unveiled in April of ’09. I joined the Linux.com Community shortly after the website premiered. I’m there on a daily basis; helping, sharing, teaching, and learning.

There was the typical avalanche of new member sign ups and lots of activity the first couple months that Linux.com was online. However, that soon faded as the true Linux.com Community began to coalesce. Right now, there is a core of some really great members there. New folks still sign up every day; some stay, some just site-see and boogie on down the road.

Linux.com would like to invite YOU to become a member of there Community. You don’t have to be a guru. You don’t have to be an IT worker. You don’t have to be anything… except interested. There’s lots to do there. The site has a Q&A Database, a Tutorials Database, Community Blogs, Groups, Forums, etc. There’s so much that it’s actually a bit overwhelming till you learn how to navigate the site.

Sign up. It’s free. You’re getting in at a good time, too. The 2010 Collaboration Summit just ended. There are some really cool improvements and changes coming soon to Linux.com. It’s a work in progress, as are all living communities. You can point your mouse right HERE and click to register. Tell ’em Eric, The Nocturnal Slacker sent you.

See ya’ there…