Out With the Old…

… in with, well… nothing, actually. I spent the day today out in my shop weeding through boat anchor computers trying to put one good one together.

Nothing panned out, unfortunately. I ended up stripping an old Pentium III Compaq, an old Duron HP unit, and my old ericsbane02 machine. Each one had different problems but incompatible parts, so I couldn’t cannibalize to make one working unit. I kept the case and mobo from ericsbane02, but the other cases and mobos went to the curbside, where they were promptly scarfed up by the neighborhood scrap metal vultures.

My whole project aim was just to put together one machine to use as a shop system. I was focusing on ericsbane02, an AMD Athlon XP 2600+ based unit, because it was the most modern out there. Sadly, I think there is a mobo issue with that unit. I could have sworn it was working when I put it out there, but I have since taken most of the goodies out of that case. The replacement stuff I put in there today may have actually caused more issues.

It’s a project to return to another day.

At least I did make some room on the shelves by getting rid of those old dinosaurs that I had sitting there. Sheeeesh! One actually had a 10Gig hard drive. I remember paying $100 for that drive to upgrade my Pentium I machine back in 2000. A hundred bucks for 10 stinkin’ gig, huh? We’ve made some hardware progress since then, thankfully.

Well, enough rambling for this evening.



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  • Sherman E. DeForest  On January 17, 2011 at 08:33

    I am still holding my problem child and waiting for a bargain on a new motherboard. Color me foolish.

    • V. T. Eric Layton  On January 17, 2011 at 10:50

      Nah… I’d hardly color you that color, Sherman. I’m kind of attached to my old AMD Athlon XP 2600+ machine (ericsbane02). I’ve kept it for future troubleshooting and possible reanimation one day. At the very least, powered by Slackware Linux, it would make a great file server for around the house. So, no… let’s not be colored foolish. I prefer to be colored… oh, I dunno… practical and a little sentimental, maybe? ; – )

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