Advantage Is a Freakin’ Miracle!

Remember the bad ol’ days, when your pets and you had very few viable treatments for flea infestation?

Those were bad times, huh? I remember monumental battles that took place in my home between man and that little bloodsucking critter. It was a pitched battle. Much cussing and scratching ensued. The fleas retreated for a time, but always seemed to regroup and attack again in strength.

Well, not anymore, Jack! We have the MX missile of flea weapons these days. A regular thermonuclear, bunker-busting, flea killing miracle. Remember the old Brylcreem commercials from the 60s? “A little dab’ll do ya'” was the sound bite of their advertising. That’s the case with this miracle flea killing weapon… just a wee bit’ll kill them nasty little buggers right quick, folks.

What’s this miracle called? It’s Advantage® Flea Treatment by Bayer. Yeah, that’s right; the aspirin people. No, not chocolate aspirin, just the regular kind. Sadly, it’s a tad bit expensive. Four vials (I have three cats) costs about $50 locally right now. My brother found a place online that sells it for $31.50 (free shipping). I ordered it online. I received it in about a week. It comes via airmail from Great Britain. It is the exact same stuff that you buy in the U.S., but the writing on the box and instructions is in that weird British English. Heh!

Anyway, my poor kitties (inside only – they never go outside the house) were suffering for a couple weeks now. I must have brought some pregnant flea in the house on the cuff of my pants or something. I hate to see my poor girls itching and scratching like that. I received the package in yesterday’s mail. I immediately went through the usual procedures when it comes to giving my cats any type of medication… much screaming, chasing, getting bloodied and scratched, etc. Finally though, I had administered the meds. My cats didn’t like me last night.

Today, they love me again. They’re so happy. They don’t have any little bloodsucking critters gnawing on them anymore. Life is good again. Ya’ gotta’ love this stuff. I don’t understand the chemical babble behind its capabilities. I just know it works… and FAST. That’s all I care about. I can’t have my girls itchin’ and a-scratchin’ all over the damned place. Not only that, but they sleep in my bed and then I get in there later and start itchin’ and a-scratchin’. Can’t have that. Thank you, Advantage®! 🙂

We have met the enemy and it is an annoying little bugger. However, we have the advantage thanks to chemical warfare. Bye-bye, fleas. Gnaw on the devil’s ass when you get to HELL!

So much for today’s informative and entertaining article.

Meow! Meow! Meow… (Translation: Until next time, folks…)


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  • ebrke  On May 8, 2010 at 15:59

    Geez, that’s awful, Eric. I, too, have had indoor cats for years, but haven’t had flea problems, thank the lord. Glad the girls are feeling better, but how do you get rid of the fleas in the house? I remember back in the day we actually set off a “bomb” that filled the house with some kind of insecticide. You and the pet(s) had to be out of the house for something like 8 hours.

    • V. T. Eric Layton  On May 8, 2010 at 20:56

      Hi Elizabeth…

      No fleas in the house. They were all on the cats. ALL DEAD now. They’re cat fleas, so their no where as aggressive or hard to kill, in my experience, as dog fleas are. Most folks don’t even know that there is a difference, but there is. Cat fleas are smaller. They don’t have the tough shell that requires popping to kill them. And they rarely bite humans; when they do, it’s not as itchy as a dog flea bite. The advantage treatment knocks ’em dead in less than 12 hours. There’s no carpeting (tile only) in my house, so they don’t really have any place to infest.

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