Head In the Clouds Follow-up

Previously, in THIS article, I wrote about my thoughts concerning cloud computing. You may remember that I wasn’t too hip on the idea.

On the heels of my article, James Maguire published a fantastic article at DataMation entitled How Cloud Computing Security Resembles the Financial Meltdown. Mr. Maguire basically rips cloud computing security with much more precise and informed language than I used in my original article. You gotta’ read this guy.

Maguire begins:

When they make claims about their nearly absolute level of safety, should you just…take their word for it?

Hello suckers!

He continues:

Goodness no, say the vendors, we’ve got a third party certification to back up our claims. Specifically, they point to their SAS 70 certification. SAS 70 is a set of auditing standards used to measure the handling of sensitive information.

Oh? But wait… there’s more:

Guess who writes a check to the SAS 70 certifiers? Believe it or not, it’s the vendors themselves. If you were a cynical, non-trusting type (which you should be if your company’s data is at stake) you might wonder…isn’t that a conflict of interest? Don’t accounting firms have a vested interest in granting SAS 70 certifications to those cloud computing vendors who can pay for them?

Ooooh! Gotcha! This is just un-effing-believable to me. It would be like letting the U.S. Congress police themselves… er, wait… we do allow them to do that. Uh-oh! Seriously, if this is what security is going to be like in the cloud, I’ll just keep my fat arse here on the ground.

Read Maguire’s entire article. It’s worth the effort. Good stuff!

Until next time, folks…


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