KDE4… Pretty? Pretty Ugly? Just Plain Ugly?

In 2008, KDE developers released the much awaited total rework of the K Desktop Experience… version 4.

It didn’t start showing up in the mainline Linux distros’ repos until a few months later with version 4.2. My first experience with it was with my install of Slackware 13 x86_64 back in mid-’09. It was an ugly first experience. I had continual issues with instability and random desktop errors using 4.2.

Having been a KDE fan for quite a few years already, I was sorely disappointed, to say the least. It was just not usable on my system. Slackware is my primary operating system, folks. I couldn’t continue like that. I ended up nuking the KDE completely and running Slackware with Xfce. I never looked back. I was an Xfce fan already, anyway. I used it in my Zenwalk Linux installation.

A while later, after reading a few better reviews regarding KDE 4.3, I decided to install it in a new Mandriva Free installation that I was putting on my system a few weeks back. Hmm… I did notice some improvement, but the same ol’ instability bugs started jumping up again. I ended up trashing the KDE in Mandriva and using LXDE/Openbox. Sad.

I saw this article at Linux Journal today and thought I’d post a bit about my own KDE experiences. Well, now I have… and now you know why I’ve had to exorcise this demon from all my installations.

Until next time, folks…


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